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Product overview

Embedded low power radio modem



block diagram

The MU-D1-R is an FCC part 15 compliant embedded low power radio modem operated in the U.S. 902 - 928 MHz ISM band. Dedicated commands, specially designed for wireless application, are provided for building a range of wireless system, from simple control systems to wide network systems. The receiving part contains two independent receivers and operates as a true diversity receiver. The true diversity receiver and DSSS ensure high stable and reliable communication for industrial use. The modem achieves line of sight radio communication beyond 300m with battery operation.

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FCC part 15.247 compliant
Command compatible with the MU-1 / MU-2
The true diversity receiving system
Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum
8mW / 40 mW selectable
20 RF channels
Low power operation 4- 5 V 55 mA/ 5 mW, 58 mA/RX
Small size 36 x 26 x 8 mm
Wide operation range - 20 to +65 °C

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Industrial remote control
Remote monitoring
Data acquisition/ SCADA

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Embedded radio modem



Embedded low power radio modem


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