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Product overview

Single channel transmitter and receiver



The CDP-RX-03BS-R are a FM narrow band miniature transmitter and receiver set. The low-cost compact modules are designed to operate with low voltage and current consumption. The miniaturization of the CDP-TX-04S-R is of particular note as compared with other narrow band FM modules. The receiver CDP-RX-03BS-R provides very high sensitivity -120dBm(434MHz) which realize long operation range.

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10 mW (433.920/434.075 MHz), 5 mW (869.75 MHz) RF output
2.2 V to 5.5 V @ 22 mA (CDP-TX-04S-R)
PLL controlled VCO, data rate 100 to 4800 bps FSK
Compact size 22 x 12 x 6 mm 1.6 cc
Sensitivity -120 dBm (434 MHz), -117 dBm (869 MHz)
Double superheterodyne PLL controlled single channel
R&TTE (EN 300 220) / RoHS Compliance

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Remote control systems
Telemetry systems
Security systems
Paging systems

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Photo:CDP-TX-05M-R , CDP-RX-05M-R

Compact multi channel transmitter and receiver (4 channels)


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