Anechoic chamber

Circuit Design’s EMI 3M anechoic chamber is suitable for EMI & EMC testing, as well as for high precision measurement of the radiated electromagnetic field emitted by antennas of all types of radio equipment.

Fcc filing (Resistration Number : 347868)

Picture:Anechoic chamber


Parameter   Specification
Site attenuation characteristics    
Frequency range 30MHz – 1GHz NSA +/- 4dB or less
  1GHz – 18GHz Reference +/- 4dB or less
Measurement distance 3m  
Shield Characteristics (MIL-STD-285)
Field strength 150kHZ-30MHz -80dB or less
Plane wave 30MHz-1GHz -80dB or less
  1GHz-18GHz -80dB or less
Power line shielding characteristics (MIL-STD-220A)
Frequency range 50kHz-1GHz -80dB or less
  1GHz-10GHz -80dB or less
External 4,700Wx7,200Lx5,540Hmm  
Internal 4,000Wx6,500Lx4,997Hmm  

EMC measurement connection diagram

Picture:Anechoic chamber

Anechoic chamber equipment list

Items Model Q’ty Remark
Antenna USLP9143 1 (0.25)0.3-5(7)GHz,50W
  CBL 6143X-Wing
BiLog Antenna (Schaffner)
1 30Mhz-3GHz
ATT   2 3dB ATT
LISN NSLK8123 (Schwarzbeck) 2 3φ16A
Spectrum analyzer E4440A 1 3Hz-26.5GHz
Coaxial cable 12m -N-N 2  
Turn table Diameter 1200mm (360º endless) 1