Why use analogue FM for your WA-03 modules? Why not use digital?

People assume that all analogue equipment is being replaced entirely by digital. So why use analogue on our audio module becomes the question. Below is an excerpt taken from RF Module for sending audio signal in the new European 863-865MHz band Many countries do not have a frequency band allocated exclusively for digital wireless microphone systems.

  1. Digital transmission systems such as PCM use a wide frequency range and its utilization is not easy in the frequency range below 1GHz.
  2. In the frequency range above 1GHz, dead spots occur frequently with slight movements. This means such a frequency range is not suitable for wireless microphone systems intended for the use at live stage performances involving many movements of position.
  3. If digital conversion is done in the transmitter part, power consumption will become very high. As a result, it will be difficult to make a system operated with small batteries.
  4. Latency. When using digital encoding/decoding there is processing time causing delay between audio input and output.