434 MHz Antenna with Coaxial CableANT-01-R

ANT-01-R is a 434 MHz band antenna with 4 m coaxial cable. The 1.5 D coaxial cable has a SP060022 plug connector which fits Circuit Design's radio module RF connectors. It serves well as an outdoor antenna. The antenna angle is adjustable.


  • Adjustable antenna (180° x 360°)
  • 1.5 D coaxial cable (4 m)

Connection Examples

Direct to Module Connection

As Outdoor Antenna

To achieve long distance and stable communication, placing the antenna high up will provide good RF visibility for such purpose. By moving the antenna in this location and using weatherproof coaxial cable, the main unit can be placed away into a more accessible area for easier maintenance.
The antenna can be placed up to 4m away with the attached cable.


Parameter Specification Remarks
Length 173 mm including antenna base
Frequency band 434 MHz 1/4 Lambda
Antenna base 29 x 90 mm
Coaxial cable 1.5D 4 m
Plug connector SP060022

External View


SJ050011, SJ060011

These female connectors fit onto the SP060022 plug for PCB mounted connections. Please refer to the part numbers in the left figure.