SMA Conversion CableCBL-SMA-05-R

CBL-SMA-05-R convert Circuit Design's radio module connector SP060022 to a standard SMA connector. Suitable for the ANT-400-R antenna.


  • Converts to standard SMA connector
  • 1.5 D coaxial cable (0.5 m)

Connection Examples

Example of connection between ANT-400-R and CDP-RX-02 Through CBL-SMA-05-R


Parameter Specification Remarks
Length 0.5 m: CBL-SMA-05-R Excluding connector
Coaxial cable 1.5D
Connector SMA
Plug connector SP060022


SJ050011, SJ060011

These female connectors fit onto the SP060022 plug for PCB mounted connections. Please refer to the part numbers below