High Performance Channel Programmable TransceiverLMD-401

The LMD-401 is a low power narrow band synthesized transceiver with GFSK modulation. It is designed for use in the licensed band in North America and USA.

This is designed for use under FCC Part 90 Private Land Mobile Radio (PLMR) services and the ISED RSS-119 Industry Canada standard.
This simple, compact and low power transceiver is designed for embedding in user equipment and suitable for various low power industrial telecontrol and telemetry applications requiring high performance and reliability.

All high frequency circuits are enclosed inside a robust housing to provide superior resistance against shock and vibration. Using a TCXO as the reference oscillator circuit of the radio component ensures high frequency stability in wide temperature range.



  • Programmable RF channel with 12.5 kHz channel space
  • 10 mW, GFSK  4,800 bps
  • Low power operation 3.0 to 5.5 V, 46 mA(TX), 36 mA(RX)
  • High receiver selectivity & blocking
  • Small size 50 x 30 x 9 mm
  • Excellent mechanical durability, high vibration & shock resistance
  • Wide operation range -20 to +65 °C
  • ISED RSS-119 Industry Canada compliant
  • FCC part 90 compliant


  • Industrial remote control
  • Telemetry
  • Remote monitoring / Security
  • Data acquisition/ SCADA

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Channel Programmable Narrow Band FM Transceiver



Parameter Specification Remarks
Applicable standard FCC Part 90.217
Communication method Half-duplex
Emission type F1D GFSK
Frequency 458.000 to 462.500 MHz
Channel spacing 12.5 kHz Channel programmable
RF bit rate 4,800 bps
Pulse width Min. 200 us / Max. 15 ms
Operating temperature range -20 to +65 degree C
Supply voltage  3.0 to 5.5 V DC
Supply current 46 mA typ. (TX)
36 mA typ. (RX)
Dimension 50 x 30 x 9 mm
Weight 25 g

Transmitter Part

Parameter Specification Remarks
Transmitter type PLL synthesizer
RF output power 10 mW
Data input Digital L = GND, H = 3 V to Vcc
Deviation +/-2.4 kHz PN9 4,800bps
Spurious emission < -37 dBm (< 1000 MHz)
< -31 dBm ( > 1000 MHz)
Adjacent channel power -20 dBm +/-12.5 kHz
Occupied bandwidth < 8.5 kHz

Receiver Part

Parameter Specification Remarks
Receiver type Double superheterodyne
IF 21.7 MHz (1st), 450 kHz (2nd)
Maximum input level 10 dBm
Receiver sensitivity -116 dBm typ.
-116 dBm typ.
BER 1%
Adjacent channel selectivity > -50 dBm +/-12.5 kHz
Blocking > -20dBm ±2MHz,±10MHz,±5%
Data output Digital L = GND, H = 2.8 V

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice

External View

Evaluation Tools: TB-STD302

The test board TB-STD302 is equipped with a CPU which controls the PLL IC in the LMD-401.
Without making a PLL control program, you can perform data communication and range tests with the TB-STD302.

TB-STD302 does not include modules LMD-401. Please make sure to order it if needed.


  • Pre-programmed 365 channels in 458 - 462.5 MHz band

External View

Board x 1
Antenna (ANT-RIG-01-R or ANT-RIG-02-R) x 1
Spacer x 4



Lead antenna with plug

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Rigid antenna with plug

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Coaxial cable

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