Multi Channel Radio Transmitter and Receiver (128 Channels)CDP-TX-02F, CDP-RX-02F

For the CDP-TX-02F, CDP-RX-02F, frequency setting is performed with the 7-bit switches.
They are suitable for various application fields such as wireless data communication, remote control, telemetry or wireless security systems. They are easy to use and integrate into application systems.

CDP-TX-02F and CDP-RX-02F are equipped with a frequency synthesizer system with micro controller. Available frequency ranges are from 128 preprogrammed channels. The compact size, low operating voltage and frequency selectability of the CDP-02F make it ideal for various applications where its interference rejection and propagation distance range is far better than similar RF modules based on wide band SAW-resonator frequency generators.

The CDP-RX-02F receiver has excellent blocking and adjacent channel selectivity.


  • 10 mW/1 mW RF power selectable
  • Wide operating range (-20 to +60 degree C)
  • Pre-programmed 128 ch
  • Narrow band FM 12.5 kHz step
  • PLL controlled VCO, data rate 4,800 bps
  • Receiver sensitivity -120 dBm, 600 m operating range
  • Receiver category 1.5
  • RED compliant (EN 300 220)


  • Industrial remote control
  • Factory automation M2M
  • Security systems
  • Alarms
  • Telemetry systems

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Parameter Specification Remarks
Applicable standard RED compliant (EN 300 220)
UK Radio Equipment Regulations 2017
Communication form One way
Emission type F1D FSK narrow
Oscillation system PLL controlled VCO
Frequency 433.1875 to 434.7750 MHz
Number of RF channels 128 channels 12.5 kHz step
Channel spacing 25 kHz
RF bit rate 300 to 4,800 bps
Pulse width Min. 208 us / Max. 20 ms
Operating temperature range -20 to +60 degree C No dew condensation

Transmitter Part

Parameter Specification Remarks
Transmitter type PLL synthesizer
RF output power 10 mW / 1 mW
Data input Digital L = GND, H = Vcc
Deviation +/-2.1 kHz PN9 4,800 bps
Spurious emission < -54 dBm
(47 - 74 M, 87.5 - 118 M, 174 - 230 M, 470 - 862 MHz)
< -36 dBm (Other frequencies < 1000 MHz)
< -30 dBm (> 1000 MHz)
Adjacent channel power < -37 dBm
Supply voltage 3.0 to 12 V DC
Supply current 43 mA typ.
33 mA typ.
3 V/10 mW
3 V/1 mW
Dimensions 36 x 26 x 10 mm
Weight 14 g without antenna

Receiver Part

Parameter Specification Remarks
Receiver type Double Superheterodyne PLL synthesizer
Receiver category 1.5
Receiver Sensitivity -120 dBm typ. (12 dB SINAD)
-120 dBm typ. (BER 1 %)
Adjacent channel selectivity -50 dBm +/-25 kHz
Blocking -25 dBm +/-2 MHz
-20 dBm +/-10 MHz, 5% of center frequency
Spurious radiation < -60 dBm (< 1000 MHz)
< -50 dBm (> 1000 MHz)
Data output Digital (L = GND H = Vcc)
Supply Voltage 3.0 to 12 V DC
Supply current 30 mA typ.
33 mA typ.
3 V
12 V
Dimensions 50 x 30 x 9 mm excluding protrusion
Weight 20 g

* For the specifications of the previous model (S/N C000xxxx), refer to the operation guide.

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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* Antenna, ANT-LEA-01-R, is included.


Evaluation Tools: ECB-03, DCB-03

The test board ECB-03 (Encoder board) and DCB-03 (Decoder board) will save you time and effort for evaluating CDP-TX-02F, CDP-RX-02F modules. Communication range can be tested easily by checking the LEDs on the decoder board.

ECB-03 and DCB-03 do not include modules CDP-TX-02F, CDP-RX-02F. Please make sure to order them if needed.

Features of the Status Translation

  • TX board: 8 inputs (optocoupler) & RX board: 8 outputs (photo MOS relays).
  • Manual and automatic channel control
  • Different transmission types (test mode, continuous mode, triggered mode)
  • Learning and pairing mode (TX 1 : RX N or TX N : RX 1)
  • 8 monitoring LEDs on the receiver board
  • Data packets with CRC16 checksum
  • Fail safe mode with max error count
  • Calibrated to -116 dBm for automatic channel control

Features of the Development Set

  • Fully programmable AtmelĀ® ATMEGA324P over ISP port
  • 32 kB internal flash and 2 kB EEPROM for original software
  • 2 UART ports for CDP-02 and debugging/data transmission and reception
  • 3 DIP switches for configuration
  • Complete documented source code for status transmission


  • 4-push buttons and output LEDs.
  • Encoder and decoder IC MSM6305 with the user selectable 1024 address codes.

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* Antenna, ANT-LEA-01-R, is included.




Lead antenna with plug

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Rigid antenna with plug

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434MHz antenna with extension coaxial cable for the receiver

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Coaxial cable

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