2.4 GHz Telecommand UnitKST2.4S / KSR2.4

The KST2.4S and KSR2.4 allow the wireless transmission of up to 6 switching signals. A DC supply voltage of 6 to 24 V can be used for operation. By incorporating CRC-16 error detection, a Hamming distance of 6 can be achieved to minimise any malfunctions.

The communication mode is 1:1 only and neither 1:N nor N:1 is possible.

The switch between transmit and receive rapidly allows two way communication between input and output modules to constantly monitor the communication link status. By monitoring the link status from the unit, this will help the user stay within the signal coverage area.

Frequency hopping minimizes interference from other nearby radio systems on the 2.4 GHz band. There is no need to manage any channels and multiple system operation in the same area is possible.

Output mode of KSR2.4 selectable from momentary, toggle and one-shot.
Response time of 70 ms or below with line of sight communication of 100 m.

Incorporating NK-2.4Y with FCC (US) and MIC(Japan) certified. Operation in US and Japan possible.

*Connector with harness (500 mm) included. Antenna sold separately.
Select ANT-2G4W1R-R(ANT-2400-SF) or ANT-2400SFW.

*Communication range, number of units usable in one area are for reference only. Due to the installation environment, actual values will change.



  • 6 inputs (KST2.4S) / 6 outputs (KSR2.4)
  • 3 output operation modes (One-shot, Toggle, Momentary)
  • CRC-16 and Hamming distance of 6 to minimize malfunction
  • Communication LOS: 100 m
  • Low current consumption
  • Communication status monitor via Link LED
  • 1:1 communication with KST2.4S and KSR2.4
  • Frequency hopping scheme enabling simultaneous use of multiple systems within one area
  • FCC Part 15 and ARIB STD-T66 compliant RF module (NK-2.4Y) included


  • Remote control applications
  • Operation of agricultural machinery
  • Start / Stop control for motor operated equipment



Parameter Specification Remarks
Applicable standard FCC Part 15
NK-2.4Y included
Communication method Frequency hopping, two-way
Frequency 2403 to 2479 MHz Frequency Hopping
RF output power Max 1.6 mW
Communication bit rate 250 kbps
Communication mode 1:1 (Input mode: Output mode)
Error check method Payload CRC16 + Packet CRC16
Hamming distance 6
Input / Output response 30 to 60 ms
RF connector RP-SMA Nominal 50 ohm
Supply Voltage DC 6 to 24 V
Operating temperature range -20 to +60 degree C
Dimension 55 x 45 x 12.5 mm
Weight 26 g


Parameter Specification Remarks
Number of Input / Output Input 6
Link output 1
Input circuit Input ON voltage : DC 6 to 35 V
Current consumption Max 30 mA


Parameter Specification Remarks
Number of Output Output 6
Link output 1
Output relay Max 35 V, 200 mA DC
Current consumption Max 80 mA All output ON
No loaded

Note: The antenna is not included with the unit. If required, please specify the antenna to be used. Refer to the antenna list here.

External View

External View

KST2.4S / KSR2.4

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Approved antenna list PDF
Demonstrating the application of the 2.4 GHz Telecommand unit