"Hamming and linear codes" article has been uploaded to the RF Design Guide page

Engineers looking at the NK-2.4Y, KST2.4S and KSR2.4 products will have noticed terms such as "Hamming distance" that ensures that communication stays certain even in areas of high interference.

It is important to understand why this applies here and not to other applications such as FM voice or music transmissions.

For radio links, the signal is impacted by external influences and what the receiver outputs will not always be a perfect copy of the original. For voice transmissions, it is not an issue as long as it is intelligible. But for data transmissions in industrial applications, a single bit error means an incorrect action is executed.

This means that we cannot just transmit data as it is and we require an encoding stage to condition our data before transmission. This article introduces a general overview of how this is achieved, in particular block and Hamming codes.