STD-502-R / 2.4GHz radio transceiver for industrial applications

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Picture:embedded 2.4 GHz radio transceiver modem STD-50-R

Announcing a 2.4 GHz radio transceiver module for industrial applications

The STD-502-R is designed to be embedded in equipment. Besides using DSSS modulation, the module has a true diversity function.
Samples will be available from January 2013.

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Picture:Multi channel telecommand transmitter and receiver CDT-TX/RX-02M-R

434 MHz
Multi channel telecommand transmitter and receiver

Picture:Embedded low power radio modem MU-D1-R

Embedded low power radio modem

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Feb. 2014

New Application note, "Channel plan for using multiple STD-502-R in the same area" is uploaded.What's new!

New Application note, "How to use relay function for MU-2-R module" is uploaded.What's new!

Oct. 2013

Circuit Design won first prize at "Monozukuri Award NAGANO in 2013".
Along with two other companies, the award was for showing technological capability with a highly innovative product, while making a positive contribution to the prefecture of Nagano.

Jul. 2013

Information and operation guide for STD-502-R evaluation board are updated and available on the web.

May 2013

STD-502-R operation guide is updated and available on the web.

Feb. 2013

Addition of CDP-TX-05MP-R to the CDP family of modules.

Feb. 2013

New online calculation tool, VSWR(SWR), is uploaded.

[ Online calculation tool, VSWR(SWR) ]

Welcome to Circuit Design, a leading supplier of low power radio modules. Circuit Design specializes in the design and manufacture of embedded transmitter, receiver, transceiver and RF modems in the license-exempt, low power radio band (Short Range Devices in Europe).

Low-power, narrow-bandwidth and discrete component designs are targeted at long-range, battery-powered industrial applications. These serve well in fields such as telecommand, telecontrol, telemetry, alarms, and security, and for all kinds of wireless data transmission where high reliability is required.

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