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Picture:STD-601 (B) 434MHz miniature narrow band radio transceiver

Circuit Design has announced the release of the telecommand module NK-2.4Y operating in the 2.4 GHz band for remote switching applications.

With CRC-16 Error Detection and Hamming Distance of 6, communication errors are minimized to maintain smooth operation.

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Picture:NK-2.4Y 2.4 GHz telecommand module
2.4 GHz

2.4 GHz telecommand module

Picture:STD-601 (B) 434MHz miniature narrow band radio transceiver
434, 400 MHz

New miniature narrow band radio transceiver

Picture:embedded 2.4 GHz radio transceiver modem STD-503

A compact 2.4 GHz radio transceiver module for industrial applications

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Mar. 2016

Information on the new 2.4 GHz telecommand module NK-2.4Y module has been uploaded.What's new!

Jan. 2016

A comprehensive list detailing all our accessories is now available here.

Nov. 2015

Software and operation guide is now available for the STD-601 test board (TB-STD601). Click here for more information.

Oct. 2015

Introducing an example of using RF Module (Hokuyo Construction, Conlux Matsumoto)

With good communication range and high reliability, we listen to one customer's satisfaction with Circuit Design radio modules. For areas with no access to power supply, we introduce a case where the solar powered radio warning system provides safety management in dangerous places such as areas of land restoration, erosion control works and river flow control works.

Feb. 2015

Information on the new miniature narrow band radio transceiver STD-601 with CE approval has been uploaded.

Welcome to Circuit Design, a leading supplier of low power radio modules. Circuit Design specializes in the design and manufacture of embedded transmitter, receiver, transceiver and RF modems in the license-exempt, low power radio band (Short Range Devices in Europe).

Low-power, narrow-bandwidth and discrete component designs are targeted at long-range, battery-powered industrial applications. These serve well in fields such as telecommand, telecontrol, telemetry, alarms, and security, and for all kinds of wireless data transmission where high reliability is required.

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By using Circuit Design's RF module, we introduce an example where the implementation of wireless has improved convenience.

See the example