STD-502-R / 2.4GHz radio transceiver for industrial applications

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Picture:embedded 2.4 GHz radio transceiver modem STD-503

Announcing a compact 2.4 GHz radio transceiver module for industrial applications

With the globalization of the marketplace, there is a growing demand for industrial radio equipment that meets the requirements of a global market. The STD-503 operates in the 2.4 GHz band available worldwide.

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Picture:2.4 GHz radio module for remote control of equipment in industrial applications. NT-4M / NR-1

2.4 GHz radio module set for remote control of equipment in industrial applications.

Picture:Multi channel telecommand transmitter and receiver CDT-TX/RX-02M-R

434 MHz
Multi channel telecommand transmitter and receiver

Picture:Embedded low power radio modem MU-D1-R

Embedded low power radio modem

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July 2014

New supplementary note for CDT-TX/RX-02M-R 426 MHz now available here. Our CDT-TX/RX-02M-R 426 MHz model has obtained Japanese Technical Regulations Conformity Certification. The module sizes and pin layouts are identical to that of the 434 MHz model.What's new!

May 2014

Circuit Design will appear at the Wireless Technology Park 2014. This year's WTP2014 will be held together with Wireless Japan and Transport System Expo 2014 events during this period.
We look forward to meeting you.

May 2014

New 2.4 GHz radio module for industrial applications.

Input module NT-4M / Output unit NR-1 set has been developed for transmitting switching signals. The product will be exhibited at the WTP exhibition in Japan.

Feb. 2014

New Application note, "Channel plan for using multiple STD-502-R in the same area" is uploaded.

New Application note, "How to use relay function for MU-2-R module" is uploaded.

Oct. 2013

Circuit Design won first prize at "Monozukuri Award NAGANO in 2013".
Along with two other companies, the award was for showing technological capability with a highly innovative product, while making a positive contribution to the prefecture of Nagano.

Jul. 2013

Information and operation guide for STD-502-R evaluation board are updated and available on the web.

Welcome to Circuit Design, a leading supplier of low power radio modules. Circuit Design specializes in the design and manufacture of embedded transmitter, receiver, transceiver and RF modems in the license-exempt, low power radio band (Short Range Devices in Europe).

Low-power, narrow-bandwidth and discrete component designs are targeted at long-range, battery-powered industrial applications. These serve well in fields such as telecommand, telecontrol, telemetry, alarms, and security, and for all kinds of wireless data transmission where high reliability is required.

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