CE marked products / UKCA marked products

The list below shows our products which are certified under CE or UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed) rules.
CE applies to products sold to EU regions while UKCA applies to products sold in Great Britain (England, Wales and Scotland).

For details, refer to the regulatory compliance information in the operation guide of each product.

Model name CE UKCA
Data Transmitter and Receiver
CDP-TX-02E/EP, CDP-RX-02E/EP 434 MHz Y Y
CDP-TX-02F, CDP-RX-02F 434 MHz Y Y
CDP-TX-07M/MP, CDP-RX-07M/MP 434 MHz Y Y
CDP-TX-07M/MP, CDP-RX-07M/MP 869 MHz Y Y
Data Transceiver
STD-302Z 434 MHz Y Y
STD-302Z 869 MHz Y Y
STD-502-R Y
STD-503 Y
STD-601 434 MHz Y Y
Radio Modem
MU-4-434 434 MHz Y Y
SLR-434M 434 MHz Y Y
CDT-TX-02M-R, CDT-RX-02M-R 434 MHz Y N
CDT-RX-03M 434 MHz Y Y
NK-2.4Y Y Y
Audio Module
WA-TX-03S, WA-RX-03S Y Y